CAM - Collagenase Acticating Medium for cell harvesting from tissues (for R&D cell culture only)

Collagenases of Clostridium histolyticum are a common tool for releasing intact cells (e.g. mesenchymal stem cells) from different organs. The catalytic activity of the collagenases depends particularly on a specific Ca2+-concentration. On the other hand vitality of the cells released from tissue matrix can be protected by a certain composition of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. This medium improves the result of cell harvesting and reduces the amount of collagenase being necessary. Prices on request:

Collagenase Activating Medium (CAM) is a sterile solution for cell harvesting from tissues, free of proteins and antibiotics, ready to use

Development was
sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Quantity Order Number
CAM - 50 ml Bottle 51-5001-50
CAM - 10 x 5 ml Ampoules 52-5002-05

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