Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's yeast and its vitality are crucial for high beer quality

Brewer's yeasts differ in protease activity which they pass on into the beer wort. Protease enzymes digest proteins. This process has a large impact on beer quality.

A visible sign for lower quality is a decreased beer froth. Flavor and aroma can also change through protein digestion or enrichment of degradation products. Beer that isn't pasteurized after fermentation is also limited in storability due to ingoing protein-degrading. (Cooper et al., 2000, Zhang et al., 2009, Blasco et al., 2011).

Get your brewer's yeast analyzed for protease activity and vitality by AMP-Lab. As an independent laboratory we provide the required know-how to give you a decision criterion for choosing the right brewer's yeast.

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