Products for bee breeding

Nutrient solution for bee semen: BSS (Bee Semen Solution)

2ml BSS

BSS is our colored, sterile, ready-to-use nutrient solution, developed for artificial insemination of bee queens. Collected bee ejaculates are homogeneously mixed, and if necessary cleaned, with BSS. BSS was developed within a 4-year research study in cooperation with the Institute for Bee Research (Hohen Neuendorf).

Artificial insemination with mixtures of different drone populations increases breeding success and reduces inbreeding. For removing impurities collected ejaculates have to be diluted and reconcentrated by centrifugation (12 min., 1300 g). Our colored extender is hyperosmotic and protects especially the sensitive sperm membranes. The color helps controlling homogeneity of the diluted semen solution.

BSS is available in glasvials containing 2ml at Bienen-Wachholz: Email-Contakt:

Large quantities (from 100x2ml ampoules) on request: